System Implementation



  • Generate a dashboard performance monitoring system for all levels of management.
  • Provide a real time electronic communication between the department managers and senior management with consistent and timely information.
  • Utilize data that is relevant to each department, and which is accepted by the Finance department.
  • Provide a tool for evaluating performance data comparing outside benchmarks by department.
  • Report results each pay period utilizing, the user friendly MRA Tracker system, which is flexible, with customized information, and has the maintain tools to monitor and trend on a real time basis.
  • Provide training for all managers to interpret the system and final results.
  • Demonstrate the use of tools that will assist the managers to achieve operational goals and targets.


  • Start-up – Select of a Systems Coordinator (Facilitator), set-up office space and conduct the kick-off meeting with managers. Interview key staff to develop communications. “Profile” each department.
  • Analyze System Flow – Review the current systems available to determine possible improvements (“Brown Paper Flow” analysis is completed).
  • Validate and Modify System – Volume is defined, measured and new volume sources installed if needed. Historical detailed volume and staffing are analyzed and trended. Frequency Distributions are developed for each department identified in the engagement to provide a “Best Case” / “Worst Case” scenario and ultimately a benchmark target. Reasonable Time Expectancies (T/E’s) are determined using the Frequency Distributions of actual data for one full year, agreement on reasonable expectations and a comparison to other facilities. Staffloads are prepared and staffing guides developed to drive the control system.
  • Validate/and redesign the current system and Implement the New Control System – Install the new MRA Tracker cloud based system. If computers is not available, obtain the most recent generation tablet for utilizing the software. This implementation element also includes testing the programs, coaching the managers to utilize the system, and Train the Coordinator to operate and maintain the system.
  • Publish Report and Manual – A reference manual and report will be prepared and distributed to all senior management. Follow-up of the system will also be included in this element. Senior Management will be trained to incorporate the bi-weekly management reports into their management meetings.

In a volatile environment all systems start to degenerate the day after implementation. MRA consultants train hospital coordinators to continually update and maintain the MRA Tracker system to ensure integrity.