Controlling a hospital’s departmental staffing levels, in most hospitals, is controlling 45% to 55% of the total budget. Supply Chain (supplies and equipment) represent about 30% to 35% of a hospital’s budget. And the remaining percentage represents all other hospital expenses.

The MRA Tracker, LLC “Management Control System” MCS©, utilizes techniques developed for controlling each department’s staffing based on volume levels and reporting results.  Alert and progressive management will then be able to control the elements of cost which will vary due to flow problems, procedure changes, equipment down-time, hospital census fluctuations, etc.  The system is an integrated, effective, and is self-perpetuating designed to control each department’s costs and help management to utilize the staff hours more effectively, with emphasis on quality and timely service.

Units of work are monitored. Units of work are monitored.  The volume of activities performed controls the amount of work time that needs to be scheduled. Periodic and regular control, enables the manager to monitor progress and completion of work.  Management can then immediately become aware of any opportunity-for-improvement and take appropriate action.

Three key elements of the System are as follows:

PLANNING: Required Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staff based on established workload. Both long and short-term staffing requirements are formulated.

ASSIGNMENT: Work is assigned by priority and technical capability according to workload needs. The system assists management in establishing the department’s operational objectives.

EVALUATION: Operational performance (productivity) is evaluated on a timely basis. Management can provide solutions for procedure exceptions, variances and provide the tools for future operational improvements.