Reengineering Process

The task of management is to make work productive and the worker achieving.
Business enterprise has only one true resource: man.” – Peter Drucker

Processes are sequences of linked activities that take resource input and produce desired results (output). The engineering of management processes is designed to create value added results important to quality patient care while maintaining efficiencies and financial viability.  The most important point when doing process engineering is that management approach must come first, not detailed management engineering studies. Once fundamental management control (MRA Tracker) is established and management cooperation is obtained, then actual savings can be attained.


  1. Project Set-Up includes the selection of a Systems Coordinator to learn the development and how-to implementation of the program.
  1. Interview key staff in all levels of the department to develop communications, to grow team spirit and to start a structured departmental profile and data record binder.  (Interview outlines are department specific.)
  1. Procedure/activity definitions (JCAHO required) are reviewed and/or redefined with the appropriate department staff to get a thorough understanding of workload content and approach.  This effort will also start to focus attention on necessary changes to help to improve quality and reduce lost time.
  1. Volume is defined and measured by Key Volume Indicators (KVI’s). Each KVI is determined by departmental key staff, your coordinator and the consultant working together as a team. Both current and historical levels of KVI will be recorded and trended.
  1. Reasonable “Time Expectancies” (T/E’S) are developed for each activity and will be determined by direct observations, estimates or comparisons to existing information. Hospital management and RPI consultants working together will develop the T/E’s.
  1. Staffload – The team will analyze all data then staffload the department by personnel classification, by shift and by day of week. Staffing guides will then be developed to drive the operating systems that monitor performance. These staffing guides will also be used with trended volume information to set departmental goals, to develop the forecast and to provide the budgeting process for staffing.
  1. Develop Management Control System (MCS) that will provide a plan, produce workload controls and generate a weekly report.
  1. Implement recommendations and coach management to make decisions and control resources to meet any level of volume activity.
  1. Publish a final operations manual and report, defining the implementation process.