Management Skills Training

This training material was developed by Dr. George Labovitz and has been approved and presented at the American College of Healthcare Executives for 14 years at their annual meeting in Chicago. MRA consultants are certified as Management Skills Trainers, utilizing this program by ODI, LLC.


  • Identify and address issues and concerns that are every day problematic for department
    managers, and use as “case studies” in a 32 hour work program with sessions provided over 12 weeks.
  • Build synergy to manage people, to manage results and to increase crucial management communication in the organization.
  • Provide management skills training that most managers typically never receive. As they advance through the organization, to become manager, and as being an exceptional producer in a service delivery position the hospital loses that proficiency.
  • Enhance collaborative techniques which allow managers from various back- grounds and experiences to work together in identifying and solving key issues facing the organization.
  • Identify motivating factors to get the best performance from staff, while understanding their own management styles and characteristics to achieve tangible results.



  • Provide a workshop environment for managers to work individually and in small groups on key issues that they face each and every day.
  • Provide the tools for managers to practice their skills and techniques:
    • Styles of Management
    • Force Field analysis
    • Contingency Diagrams
    • Action Plans
    • Worksheets for monitoring results
    • Other tools for improving department’s performance
  • Training manuals will be provided throughout the process to be used with management skills training videos during the workshop sessions.