Benefits of the
MRA Tracker, LLC ™ Management Control System (MCS) ©  

MCS provides real time availability of information on the cloud
and provides the following benefits:

  • Culture Change – Control staffing based on variable volume levels, not on “once-a-year” staffing budgets. Intimately involve all levels of management in the day-to-day business of staffing and problem solving.
  • Data Validation and/or Due Diligence Involve all levels of management in developing the data, to assure confidence in the validity and flow of information to make decisions.
  • Budget Management – Provide a formal process to measure and trend: past performance, Full Time Equivalent staff, Key Volumes Indicators (KVI’s) and hours per KVI for budget analysis, using Frequency Distributions and Regression Analysis.
  • Track, Archive and Trend all key data by department: volumes (Patient Days, Billed Tests, Charts Coded, etc.), hours (Worked, Paid, Overtime, Absent time, etc.), targeted benchmarks are analyzed to make valid business decisions (Charge Dollars per Hour, Hours per Patient Days, etc.)
  • Quick” Analysis Provide needed information real time in one document to make decisions, replacing 5 to 7 routine reports. This includes all archived and trended data for the ease of managing resources weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually and can be used in meetings or throughout the day using the cloud.
  • Performance Monitoring is designed to measure outcomes, each pay period, not two weeks after the pay period ends, resulting in decisions being made and actions taken daily based on the most recent available data. Although this system is capable to be run daily, if desired, we recommend publishing the reports two days post pay roll distribution, twenty-six times per year. Some clients generate data weekly during merger initiatives or rightsizing.
  • What if capability is easy-to-use, to test various possible alternatives using what ever available current benchmarks and staffing scenarios to compare with MRA Tracker recommendations.
  • Savings Reports trend data for measuring performance against current historical data, to measure improvement and to validate process improvement.
  • Communications are improved in all levels of the organization, electronically and provide information shared across all levels of the organization.
  • Training is provided for all managers to develop better skill sets, to interpret information, to make better decisions and to learn how to better manage people.

FEES & SAVINGS ANALYSIS Graph – Click for Larger View


The graph herein presents an actual value-added response, resulting from our operations review, system implementation and reengineering services for:

Client bio:
1.) 225 bed rural hospital
2.) negative bottom line of <$400,000>
3.) no staff pay raises made for the prior two years
4.) 12 departments were reengineered resulting from the merger of 2 community hospitals.

5.) The system we implemented utilized an earlier Microsoft operating base
6.) Microsoft Snap-shot which was used for reporting and communications.
7.) Graph shows a drop-off of savings after 3 years. This was the result from the System    Coordinator, that we always train to maintain our systems, being promoted and the system  maintenance became lax. This happens, in many cases, as-a-result of the coordinators gaining  a wealth of experience to manage hospitals, then they move on. With a new coordinator that  we did not train, the system suffers the maximizing of opportunities for improvement.

The new MRA Tracker, LLC cloud based system illustrates:
8.) The additional $600,000 opportunity that could be realized with MRA Tracker replacing the  coordinator with our servers and our highly experienced team to follow-up and manage data  input.
9.) Notice on the graph, the dotted line. This illustrates that with a cloud based system,  management can access and respond to conditions more quickly which can then provide  savings opportunity with a more timely response.