Benefits Graph



The graph herein presents an actual value-added response, resulting from our operations review, system implementation and reengineering services for:

Client bio:
1.) 225 bed rural hospital
2.) negative bottom line of <$400,000>
3.) no staff pay raises made for the prior two years
4.) 12 departments were reengineered resulting from the merger of 2 community hospitals.

5.) The system we implemented utilized an earlier Microsoft operating base
6.) Microsoft Snap-shot which was used for reporting and communications.
7.) Graph shows a drop-off of savings after 3 years. This was the result from the System Coordinator, that we always train to maintain our systems, being promoted and the system maintenance became lax. This happens, in many cases, as-a-result of the coordinators gaining a wealth of experience to manage hospitals, then they move on. With a new coordinator that we did not train, the system suffers the maximizing of opportunities for improvement.

The new MRA Tracker, LLC cloud based system illustrates:
8.) The additional $600,000 opportunity that could be realized with MRA Tracker replacing the coordinator with our servers and our highly experienced team to follow-up and manage data input.
9.) Notice on the graph, the dotted line. This illustrates that with a cloud based system, management can access and respond to conditions more quickly which can then provide savings opportunity with a more timely response.