About Security

The security of your data is one of our biggest priorities. With MRA Tracker, there are several aspects of your data which are very important to us.

The first is the data that you share with MRATracker, whether you are using our DirectConnect RESTFul API integration, or if you are simply uploading a spreadsheet with your sensitive information. The data coming into MRATracker is referred to as “data in motion”. MRATracker only supports the use of HTTPS to encrypt the data as it moves from your location to ours. HTTPS is an industry standard for securing data in motion. Additionally, MRATracker uses a Bearer Token security model with short-lived access lifecycles to secure the communication between your data as it makes its way into the MRATracker data center.

MRATracker uses the Microsoft Azure cloud to secure your data once it makes its way into our data center. The data that you have sent to us is referred to as “data at rest”. MRATracker uses a variety of storage mechanisms to maintain your information, all of which are extremely secure. Your data is stored in dedicated, geo-redundant locations and not shared with others. There are both physical and virtual secured boundaries between your data and the data of other MRATracker customers.

Because MRATracker uses the Microsoft Azure cloud exclusively, you can also have peace-of-mind knowing that our security policies benefit from the foundational security practices of Microsoft. Arguably, your data is more secure with us than any other organization.

For more information on the certifications pf the Microsoft Azure cloud, please visit: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/trustcenter/Compliance/HIPAA